Monday, February 7, 2011

I dont wanna think about you anymore! Why do I keep thinking about you?! And I just wanna talk to you but I dont have anything to say really...

I can hear my heart crying out for you...

And it's crying out for love, for you.

I can't even write anymore or do anything I usually can. I feel like I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. I keep finding myself thinking of you. Replaying every moment that involved you. I wish it were as easy to write a paper for school as writing a blog about you or a letter for you.


Universe, can you just please give me a break?!

I wanna tell you, but I'm afraid you will never understand just how much I think, feel, cry out for you.


I wanna write until I don't feel anymore but I feel like I will fill this page and this day, this week, this week, maybe this lifetime, saying the same things in different ways because thats how much I feel for you and can write about you.

I can let my life pass me by, I just wanna make you understand...


I just feel these things and no matter how much I say I get numb and been numbed, I still feel my chest heave, my tears still feel drenched with all the tears I still could cry.

I just wanna be connected to you, stay connected with you.
I'm torturing myself doing so...

I keep holding on when it's just so much easier in the long run to let go.
What's keeping me here?
It's all in my unconscious...

I wanna dream so I can get a glimpse of this reason,
unexplained, hidden, unaware

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