Saturday, April 25, 2009

The weirdest thing happened today...

I actually blushed when E asked me about got red to the point where it looked like I had stuff to drank! WOW! I never ever blush, and especially not like THAT!
Man, I don't wanna call that shit simpin but I dont get how I'm able to talk to someone all day everyday almost and not notice the time.

There's something in the air...

BTW...tell me this isn't cute!!!!


P.S. I cried that same night out of happiness and I guess you can I sighed a breath of relief too. CRAZZZZZY!

Friday, April 24, 2009

This one poem

It's always interesting to go back and read old AIM thangs and sheeesh, the things you find just might surprise you! So peep this lil tid bit...if you READY for it! ;)

i kissed her

she kissed me

i kissed home

cuz im 4rm the south

n her south is jus as warm n wet

as the delta of mississippi

her hair flowed dwn her shoulders like a weeping willow's branches flowin listlessly in the breeze

n wen i approached her inner sanctum wit ease

her eyes

said one word


as in please dnt hurt me

objectify me

but Will fuck all the bullshit

n fuck me!

i closed my eyes

settled in 4 this predetermined ride

the sheet wrapped around her seatbelt-esque

what a coincidence

cuz im takin away her innoncence

only 4 these 3 hours

as i cater 2 her evry inch

wit a kiss

a lick

a gentle blow

n thn i finally throw

her across the room

cuz she likes it rough

she claims she's tough

but thn she begins 2 cry

n i stop

i stop i stop

i say wtf

wut is wrong

am i 2 long

she said in a whisper

i am so glad i didnt reconsider

cuz ur passion has revitalized me

n thru this sex

i am a new empowered being

so baby plz continue 2 lean

in2 me

dont stop

pull on my crop

n make me scream

becuz i cn tell thru ur eyes tht this is a dream

i wish i was urs entirely

so u cud secrete

n deplete by egg count by one

n procreate one

in turn become a unit

and become as strong as tht number



nthn cud seperate our triangular conceptions

all this a result of my choice 2 lack contraception

ur eyes in my eyes as u entered me 4 the first time

was real

n the first time i cud feel

n the only time i hav bin healed

thank u Cavan

Just remembered...

I was sittin dwn out of twn yet it was my twn

n i gave my eyes sum exercise

N my green vision got exhausted

4 these sorry excuses for women

i was trippin

N thn i was slippin back in2 my chair

2 get some sleep wen i took a peek

n my mind reached its peak

N i cudnt speak n found tht my ability

2 do simple functions like rhyme dies

because i had made contact

Wit only one of my senses

but tht was more than enough

because we connected 6 times

We looked away n thn looked back

like we were sayin no

thru body language

She was amazin thn she blazed by me

n tht was it tmid tendencies

had limited me n i was finished

N thn it left me

i came at her with such grace

n ferocity n asked

y are you so quiet?

her reasoning was hunger

not knwing tht i cud

satiate tht appetite like a buffet

her mind n emotions wud nvr

crave another thing

N neither wud her stomach

n thn my interaction wit her

was interrupted

n i had this feeling tht evn

a goat cudnt stomach

My last words wud b

let me b ur caterer 2 u

thru u n wit u cuz im a huge fan

Julieanne its time 4 u 2 

make sum plans wit a real man


& dont even worry about who it's from cuz thats for me to know ;)

"A smile should never be wasted, it's the most powerful human expression"

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm currently munching on some TFI Friday's buffalo wings :) Dont judge me I'm having cravings! LMAO and nooo not like those cravings!

Anywhoo, I didnt think I was gonna be able to admit this to anyone ever in the near future or even present but i sho nuff did...

'thats why i like you' sho nuff came outta my mouth...or should i say text messaging!

So yeah, like I said, I wasnt tryna get into anything...especially cuz I seem to know the ways of dudes better now, so this one must be special, different, or simply specially different?!
Who knows...but all i know is that he always somehow tries to fight me for reasons that i dont know but then again, he cant help but fight me cuz I make him smile so he kinda cant do the whole 'im hard cuz im a dude' type of thang...LMAO jk. 

But anywhooo, he currently sleeps not knowing all this...AND btw this is not a simpin kinda entry, I just thought I'd give it a go with an update and we'll see how that goes. Peep this mofo!

Yeahhh, you try spending a day at the zoo and videochat all day one time...and see if that shit dont work on you! Oh yeahhh & btw, ALSO...not talking to that person for a couple to a few days cuz you raggin and he still manages to talk to you all day almost everyday other than those times. Oh and getting mad at that person for clashing with you and questioning you, yet still caring what happens to 'em...TRY IT! & you tell me if I'm simpin and what not.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

currently listening to: QUICKLY by john legend.

Quick change of pace: im kinda over the playaaa and E are on the same page once again, but tell me why as soon as I get on that 'phase' [in quotes cuz its not forsure a phase] someone doesnt wanna talk to me because im 'wack' according to the person...and I have no idea why...getting over it.

Another thing...why am I chillen out on dudes, yet the F word came back slightly badly and hit me TWO muhfucken dreams in one night about one person? Like WTF wow!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously just gotta chill and do me! & oh yeah btw, according to people...i act like a LEO. I know right...whatever THAT means! But if you wanna know, then READ this and YOU decide:

That's THAT.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


I think I somehow feel like I actually go to UCSD now. Me & E went to a spoken word event earlier tonight after blazing and eating dinner and it was amazing! I feel like I had an intervention and I suddenly feel refreshed from all the poetry, music, and spoken word. They performers were very moving and inspiring.

Oh yeah & I might just be throwing my playaaaa ways out the window. Taking care of someone sick in bed was a part of the reason why I'm choosing to do so...but there are, of course other factors! Also, I'm kinda confused with this breakfast food because I don't know if I like it or not [E you know what I'm talking about] but all I know is that when I'm around that breakfast, I get all quiet and dont know what to say...which is so unlike me I'll see. I'm not trippen, or I don't like to say that I am, but we shall see.

BTW, I got quite infuriated today. Say and do anything to me, but DO NOT ever question my honesty and whether I'm being real or not! That is prolly one of thee worst things you can ever tell me, especially when I'm tryna help you out. PEACE!